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Justin is the go-to coach for holistic, transformative, and impactful leadership development.

Justin’s broad diversity and experience helped carve out his niche of Catalyzing Change for leaders and their organizations. He is an entrepreneur at heart, has served in small and medium-sized business, worked in churches and other nonprofits, for fitness programs and in health clubs.

He is a Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Management Specialist, and trained in life and business coaching. He holds degrees from Tabor College, Fresno Pacific University, and is a doctoral candidate at Bethel University. His practice combines superior coaching, nutritional and exercise support, online platform building, and leadership health.

Justin is a frequent writer, having appeared in several magazines and publications, a university professor, guest lecturer, and motivational speaker.

He works with C-Suite executives, public speakers, leaders, athletes, and individuals serious about their own growth and leadership capacity.


Holistic Health

Ever driven a car with three good tires and one flat? Chances are, you didn’t say “close enough.” Three good tires aren’t enough for the car to run properly. It needs four, well inflated, balanced, and well-tread tires.

The same is true in our personal lives. To be running at peak performance, all aspects of our lives need to be healthy and in balance.

The seven areas of holistic health are your personal calling, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational, and financial. Justin’s unique and targeted coaching system focuses on bringing health into each of these areas.

We all face daily struggles, stress, and the unexpected calamities of life. Justin’s coaching system will help you not only navigate these situations better but lead more effectively through them.


Fitness and Nutrition


We live in an instant satisfaction society. We want what we want, and we want it now.


Unsurprisingly (and unfortunately), our nutrition and food industry has followed suit. Minute soups, microwaved meals, and marketing diets have ruined our perception of health, fitness, and nutrition.


My passion for holistic health extends to the foods we eat. As a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Weight Management Specialist, I help my clients lead in the boardroom, the weight room, and the kitchen. Whether your goal is to gain more energy for daily life, to lose the weight you’ve slowly accumulated over the last several years, or reach the peak of athletic performance, I’ll help you meet and exceed your goals.


A balance of sleep, proper nutrition, top quality supplements, and a well-rounded fitness program can help you reach your specific goals. We’ll cover the “Hierarchy of Needs” for your fitness and nutrition, create a balanced diet of whole foods, and set you up for success in the gym and in life.

Leadership Development

I firmly believe that we are all leaders. As moms, dads, teachers, executives, friends, or co-workers we are always being observed by someone. That makes us a leader. In both our private lives and our public persona, we must be consistent, authentic, and full of integrity.

Whatever your goals in life are, developing as a leader should be at the forefront. Giving conscious, consistent, and careful attention to who we are and who we are becoming.

We set out on a journey or a vacation with a roadmap. An itinerary of where we want to go and what we want to do. Life doesn’t come with one, which means it’s up to you to create that, own it, and see it through.

I’ll come alongside you, your goals, and your passions to help you leave a legacy of influence and impact on those closest to you.

About Justin

hiebertFamily_tableJustin is a life, leadership, and business coach with experience in churches, small business, and education. He is a trained CoActive® coach through Coaches Training Institute, a world leader in coaching and leadership development. He focuses primarily on his uniquely developed Health and Integrity Pyramid to bring holistic health and leadership vitality to the individuals and groups he severs.

Justin is passionate about helping people discover their calling and inner leader. He creates a comfortable yet challenging atmosphere that catalyzes the change that people wish to see in themselves.

Whatever it is that you want to do, Justin can coach you to help you realize your dreams. He has experience coaching pastors and ministry leaders as well as leaders in the nonprofit sector, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business executives. He also regularly coaches marriages and people in transition helping them get the most out of their relationships.

He is an educator and college professor in the areas of religion, philosophy, communication and business. He helps him bring in well rounded and holistic thinking, educational experience, practical application to the touch and sticky areas of life.

The best part of Justin’s life though, resides outside of his coaching practice. He is the husband to a wonderful and supportive wife and dad to three kids. He has a passion and zeal for life, loves being outdoors, is a huge sports fan, and can always be counted on to have his nose in a book.

He is available to lead retreats, provide consulting for businesses and churches, contracted writing assignments, guest lecturing, motivational speaking, or for private and group coaching.  If you’re interested in contacting Justin, all inquiries should be sent here.

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