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Intentionality and Rhythm

Intentionality and Rhythm

Posted on 11 May 2015 in Ministry, missional theology | Comments Off on Intentionality and Rhythm

Luke continues the story of Paul and his travels by following the same formula that we’ve seen before. Paul enters the synagogue, he preaches, some believe, others don’t, the city becomes divided. From there, the new believers want to know more and the skeptics want Paul killed. It reminds me of a television series, but instead […]

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Assessing Response

Posted on 04 May 2015 in Christianity, Church, Culture, missional theology | Comments Off on Assessing Response

I recently saw a video of a gentleman with a portable loud speaker and microphone petitioning the crowd to follow Jesus. With great passion, he wanted them that God was angry and they were heading to hell unless they repented. One lady stepped forward to confront him, he passed her a mic and an angry […]

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Meet the Author Behind the Story

Posted on 27 Apr 2015 in Bible, Discipleship, missional theology | 1 comment

It’s a regular habit of mine, as both a personal discipline and a group strategy, to ask the question: Where have I (or we) seen God recently? It forces me to stop and look around. To observe. To breath. To pay attention to the details of life that so easily rush by.

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The Beginning of the End

Posted on 20 Apr 2015 in Christianity, Church, Discipleship, missional theology | 1 comment

We have, rather erroneously, developed this notion that the Christian life is supposed to be safe and easy. We desire comfort and we think that our Christian faith is the vessel that we can use to accomplish a reasonable level of health safety in the world. And because this is our primary belief, we often […]

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God’s intervention and control

Posted on 13 Apr 2015 in Christianity, missional theology | Comments Off on God’s intervention and control

There’s breaking news and there’s the ticker on the bottom of the screen. There’s, “We interrupt this program to bring you….” and there’s the tiny section that says, “In other news…” The ending of Acts 12 is typically seen as the latter. It doesn’t matter. It’s small. It’s insignificant. Let’s hurry up and get through […]

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