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Understanding Financial Health

Understanding Financial Health

Posted on 22 Dec 2016 in Coaching, Discipleship, Leadership, Life, Life Purpose, Teaching | Comments Off on Understanding Financial Health

Sometimes, financial health isn’t what it seems… Born in 1839, John D. Rockefeller combined an astute business mind with some fortuitous timing to become one of the richest men of his day. In his later years he was widely regarded as a generous philanthropist, paving the way for cultural engagements, the arts, and higher education. […]

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Growth Mindset for Holistic Mental Health

Posted on 13 Oct 2016 in Coaching, Leadership, Life, Teaching | Comments Off on Growth Mindset for Holistic Mental Health

What does it take to develop a Growth Mindset? Well, let’s start with a quiz. A one question test. Ready? Are you artistic? The average person, sampled at large, will respond ‘no’ to that question. They will know someone who is (their brother, best friend in college, or the local pottery maker) but they themselves […]

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Don’t be a fake flower leader

Posted on 18 Feb 2016 in Coaching, Leadership, Teaching | Comments Off on Don’t be a fake flower leader

Imagine this scenario: As a caring at attentive husband, I wanted to go above and beyond this year for Valentines Day. My wife is pregnant with our fourth child and needed something special. Wanting to splurge a bit more than usual, I wanted to buy her an extra large bouquet of flowers. Not just the […]

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Signs of Kingdom Life

Posted on 23 Feb 2015 in Christianity, Ministry, Teaching | Comments Off on Signs of Kingdom Life

She was convinced that God was in on it. It wasn’t bad, mind you. It was actually good. She was convinced that God was in those details blessing her. “But how can you be sure?” I asked.

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Are you hungry or ‘snacky’?

Posted on 28 Sep 2014 in Culture, Teaching | 1 comment

I’ve been tempted before to pick a sermon series, like the Beatitudes, and re-preach it every year. I think it would be successful. Chances are that what we’ve talked about last year has already been forgotten, ignored, or discounted. On top of that, there is such depth and beauty to these teachings of Jesus that […]

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