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Catalyzing Change

The Stoning of Stephen

The Great Escape

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I like Peter. I think we can resonate easily with Peter. Peter the brash. Peter the quick talker. Peter the betrayer. We’ve all got a little bit of Peter in us.

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Gospel Like Wildfire

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During seminary, my wife and I lived in California. Because we lived right in the heart of the central valley, we also happened to be close to several national parks and forests. This meant that we were also in prime wildfire territory. We weren’t in any danger in the city, but the mountains around us […]

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A blueprint for mission

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Many of us remember the iconic bear, born in the 1940’s. He has charged us, for over seventy years now, with a part of social responsibility. With catch phrases like, “Hold till it’s cold” he has appeared in radio, print, outdoor, and electronic media with his message of urgency. We’ve seen the signs across our […]

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Prayer and Mission

Posted on 28 Jan 2015 in Christianity, Discipleship, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Prayer and Mission

A great analogy for our Christian prayer life is a lamp. No matter where we put the lamp, it is still a lamp. It still has one purpose, to give off light so that people can see. Floor lamps, table lamps and overhead lights all serve the same purpose. These lamps also have something else […]

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Empowering People, Starting Movements

Posted on 20 Jan 2015 in Church, Discipleship, missional theology, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Empowering People, Starting Movements

Acts eight creates a dramatic shift in the story. What, up to this point has been a localized event and experience is now, with the death of Stephen, experiencing an expansion that will reach to the furthest reaches of the globe. Reflecting on his time as a missionary, Roland Allen writes:

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