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Don’t just set goals, make a plan

Posted on 29 Dec 2015 in Coaching, Life | 1 comment

There’s a myth out there that you need to know about.

But knowing about it isn’t the end, combating the failure is the next step.

That’s why you not only need to be clear about your goals, you need to have a plan.

Before we get into the plan, let’s talk about the process of creating goals.  Most goals suffer from three main downfalls: lack of clarity, lack of action, and lack of time.

Take the common New Year’s Resolution to “Lose weight.”

  • It lacks clarity (how much weight).
  • It lacks action (Exercise more, eat more vegetables, cut out sugar).
  • It lacks time (by when).

Any goal that isn’t clear, actionable, and timely will fail. I call them C.A.T. goals, and it’s the only time I advocate for being the crazy cat person. But creating a sequence of your desired growth traits and making them each timely, actionable, and time bound is the only way to make the changes that you want stick.

I see these goals every time my wife and I watch home renovation shows. The show host(s) take the families on a tour of their new home, or their current home, and talk about all the changes that are going to be made. In each scenario, they offer the end goal: a new kitchen (with new backsplash and new cabinets), what needs to happen: a home inspection (mold removal, foundation , etc…), and when it will be completed (a four week timeline).Remodel plans

These shows are an exemplary model of what it takes to succeed: goals are great, but it’s nothing without a plan.

Architects don’t construct a building without first carefully outlining plans.

Contractors don’t start remodeling without knowing the desired end product, and how to get there.

Similarly, any personal resolution will fail without knowing not just the desired end result, but also what it will take to get there.

There’s a difference between I will lose weight and I will drop twenty-five pound by summer by exercising four times a week (for at least thirty minutes), eliminating sugar, and sleeping at least eight hours a night.


My desire is to help you succeed with your goals in the new year. Fill out this inquiry below to receive a free 30 minutes goal setting session, plus my free goal worksheet for total health.

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