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Stuck stinks

Posted on 15 Oct 2015 in Coaching | Comments Off on Stuck stinks

Growing up in the wild prairies of Kansas, I’ve developed a deep sense of connection and belonging to nature. I’ve long been fascinated by the primal connection that we seem to have to nature. Even in our hyper technology driven culture, we still can’t seem to escape a desire to unplug and find simplicity in nature.

In nature, there’s a fairly simple rule: if it’s stuck, it stinks.

When an animal gets stuck and is unable to free itself, it leads to death. It’s not pretty, it’s not pleasant, but it’s true. If an animal finds its way into a fence or a barrel and can’t find it’s way out, death is inevitable.

Stuck stinks.

There are many ways that this applies to our own lives as well. Stuck stinks.

We get stuck in our own story, or belief system about ourselves (or the world), or with a problem, or in a relationship. Being stuck, if not remedied, stinks.Stuck

It leads to death. Maybe not, as in the case of the animal, a physical death, but we feel the effects the same. We carry around a part of us that is dead, stuck, and we don’t know how to reclaim it and live fully.

The power of a coach keeps those areas of our lives from getting stuck. It can help us rewrite the narrative of our lives, and reframe the areas where we are unhappy. It encourages and supports us to make courageous changes and experience a life that is fully abundant and alive.

  • You don’t have to be in a dead end job.
  • You don’t have to wake up every day to a career you hate.
  • You don’t need to play small, be afraid, or shrink into the shadows.
  • You don’t need to settle for anything.
  • You don’t need to get stuck.

Stuck stinks.

Get unstuck, and experience a full and abundant life. Fill out this brief form below, and I’ll be in touch. Your life will be forever transformed and you’ll live with greater joy.

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