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God’s Radical Economy

Posted on 09 Dec 2014 in Christianity, Church, Culture | Comments Off on God’s Radical Economy

I remember sitting in my first ever office as a youth pastor to two small churches in rural Kansas. Fresh out of college I had no real idea about what to expect in ministry. Preparing for that night’s lessons, the church treasurer stepped into my office and handed me my first paycheck. An exciting sense […]

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All for One and One for All

Posted on 01 Dec 2014 in Christianity, Discipleship, Ministry | Comments Off on All for One and One for All

The more I read and study the book of Acts, the more I see it as a cautionary tale for the church. Luke had to have known what was coming and wrote his book not only as a reflective history for Theophilus, but as a warning for the future of the church. He could sense the […]

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Mission in the early church

Posted on 13 Nov 2014 in Christianity, Discipleship | 2 comments

If only we could return to the early church, then we’d have it made. This statement, in one form or another, is one that I hear fairly regularly. The sentiment is nice, but it’s just not a notion that I can support, and I have a feeling that if you’re honest with yourself, you don’t […]

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Spirit, Pentecost, Mission

Posted on 09 Nov 2014 in Christianity, Culture, missional theology | 1 comment

Blood moons. Earthquakes. Famines. War. Ebola. Deadly lava flows. Hurricanes. School Shootings. A recent taste of the headlines in this country during the last month. The expediency of our news is alarming. What used to take weeks or months to get across the country can now be accessed globally in just a few seconds. Want […]

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Leadership, Mission, and Service (Acts 1)

Posted on 06 Nov 2014 in Christianity, Church, Leadership | Comments Off on Leadership, Mission, and Service (Acts 1)

When I came on staff at Garden Park, I remember sitting at an early elder meeting looking around at those present. All brought a variety of experiences to their place in leadership. There was the other pastor who was a long time Greek student, his wife the dental hygienist, those involved in computer tech,  nonprofit, and […]

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