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Don’t just set goals, make a plan

Posted on 29 Dec 2015 in Coaching, Life | 1 comment

There’s a myth out there that you need to know about. But knowing about it isn’t the end, combating the failure is the next step.

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The “New Year, New You” Myth

Posted on 28 Dec 2015 in Coaching, Leadership, Life Purpose | 2 comments

With the New Year less than a week away, many of us are starting to create our lists for our resolutions. More than half of us will make them, and those that do will most likely break them by February 1. Magazines are full of ten minute workouts to help you slim down ten pounds […]

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The Myth of “Overnight Success”

Posted on 30 Jun 2015 in Coaching, Leadership | Comments Off on The Myth of “Overnight Success”

We all want to be successful, or at least our own version of it anyway. We want to start our own business, or be part of a company takeover, or become CEO, or rule the the world (boy, that escalated quickly). Some of us want to manage a multi-national corporation, and some of us just […]

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The Power of Group Belief

Posted on 24 Jun 2015 in Coaching, Leadership, Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Power of Group Belief

The movie Spartacus takes a dramatic shift when the band of rebel slaves are captured. They’ve been a thorn in the side of the Roman Empire, but now face the penalty of death by crucifixion. That is, until the general of the conquering army stands up and declares to them a chance at life. Here’s […]

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Creativity and Boldness

Posted on 23 Jun 2015 in Coaching, Leadership | Comments Off on Creativity and Boldness

This last week, I took my eldest child to a park to play. She was fresh off the emotion of finishing school and was just embarking on her first full week of summer vacation. It was a time of endless possibilities…and endless energy. So we marched off to the park to see if we couldn’t get […]

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