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New Years Resolution

Posted on 09 Jan 2017 in Christianity, Church, Coaching, Culture, Discipleship, Goals | Comments Off on New Years Resolution

Chances are, you’ve broken your New Years Resolution already. I know, I know. This was going to be the year that you finally __________. If you haven’t broken them already, there’s likely a good reason for that. Chances are, it probably boils down to one of two reasons: 1.) You will break them. Likely soon. […]

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Heeding the Call

Posted on 18 Aug 2016 in Christianity, Church, Coaching, Discipleship, Leadership, Life, Life Purpose, Ministry | Comments Off on Heeding the Call

Heeding the call of God in our lives means that we must learn to listen for his divine intent and purpose. We have, as image bearers of God, been given a mission and vision for who we are, who God wants us to be, and the impact we are to leave on the world. Frederick […]

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When life does a 180

Posted on 10 Feb 2015 in Bible, Christianity, Ministry | 1 comment

I remember sitting in a freshman orientation class learning about the need for a five, and even a ten year plan. I was urged, passionately pleaded with, to make sure that I have everything planned out with purpose and direction. I remember his booming voice.

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Insulated Christianity

Posted on 10 Mar 2014 in Ministry, missional theology | 3 comments

I enjoy camping. I like the long hours of hiking, spending time out doors, the smell of a campfire, and a night under the stars. I’ve also become somewhat of an avid camping gear collector. I like buying new things and trying them out, trying to see what works and what’s just a gimmick. In […]

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Set apart

Posted on 20 Feb 2014 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

One of the scriptural commands that I think we’ve often misconstrued and misinterpreted is the command to ‘be holy’. It was a repeated command from God in both the Old and the New Testaments. It’s a pursuit and a calling that should be at the core of who we are. All we do should be […]

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