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Little By Little

Posted on 19 Jan 2017 in Christianity, Coaching, Discipleship, Leadership | Comments Off on Little By Little

Day by day, little by little, step by step, and moment by moment we are chasing, pursuing, and becoming something. The reality of our story is that we are shaped by how we spend our time. The matters of life that get our most energy have a profound destiny on where we end up. This […]

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Understanding Financial Health

Posted on 22 Dec 2016 in Coaching, Discipleship, Leadership, Life, Life Purpose, Teaching | Comments Off on Understanding Financial Health

Sometimes, financial health isn’t what it seems… Born in 1839, John D. Rockefeller combined an astute business mind with some fortuitous timing to become one of the richest men of his day. In his later years he was widely regarded as a generous philanthropist, paving the way for cultural engagements, the arts, and higher education. […]

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From Inward to Outward Health

Posted on 10 Nov 2016 in Coaching, Leadership | Comments Off on From Inward to Outward Health

At this point in our journey through the Health and Leadership Pyramid we make the shift from inward to outward health. The pyramid is intentionally structured this way. Far too many leaders (and their followers) prize only the outward fruit of leadership: charisma, the ability to draw a crowd, increased budgets and profits, loyal subjects. […]

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Establishing Holistic Mental Health

Posted on 06 Oct 2016 in Coaching, Leadership, Life, Ministry | Comments Off on Establishing Holistic Mental Health

Mental Health is a wide varying term. Truth be told, it impacts all of us in a variety of ways. I’ve spent time in both marital counseling and personal counseling. For a couple of years, I had a professional coach. Professionally, I’ve worked with individuals suffering from depression and a host of other clinical and […]

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7 Ways to Help Create the Life You Want

Posted on 21 Apr 2016 in Christianity, Coaching, Culture, Leadership, Life, Life Purpose | Comments Off on 7 Ways to Help Create the Life You Want

We all, at various times, feel the pull within us. The tension of where we are and where we’d like to be. A better job More money A sound financial plan Relational intimacy Travel the world We know that we long for something greater, something deeper, something more meaningful but often wonder how best to […]

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