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New Years Resolution

Posted on 09 Jan 2017 in Christianity, Church, Coaching, Culture, Discipleship, Goals | Comments Off on New Years Resolution

Chances are, you’ve broken your New Years Resolution already. I know, I know. This was going to be the year that you finally __________. If you haven’t broken them already, there’s likely a good reason for that. Chances are, it probably boils down to one of two reasons: 1.) You will break them. Likely soon. […]

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Teething, Parenting, Jesus

Posted on 08 Oct 2013 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Teething, Parenting, Jesus

For the last month our son has been getting his teeth. He got his first two early on (about five months) and then nothing until the last month. Now he seems to be working on eight at once, and he’s miserable. He’s fussy, lethargic, and strung out on homeopathic remedies and Advil. When vigilant, we […]

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Abounding, Abundant Grace

Posted on 25 Sep 2013 in Church, Discipleship | Comments Off on Abounding, Abundant Grace

I keep a baseball on my desk to remind me the need for abounding grace.

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Fragmented Faith – Permeating with the spiritual

Posted on 28 Aug 2013 in Christianity, Discipleship, missional theology | 2 comments

Today is part two of a two part series called “Fragmented Faith” which is a look at the totality of the Gospel in our lives and what it means for discipleship. Read part one here. ———- The result of fragmented faith has led us to shallow evangelism. It has concerned us more with ‘where people […]

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The lies you believe

Posted on 18 Aug 2013 in Christianity, Culture | 1 comment

The following is an adaptation of a sermon I gave at Garden Park Church on August 18, 2013. We are currently in the middle of a series on Ephesians. Today’s text was Ephesians 2. ———- As we read Ephesians 2, Paul is confronting us with three lies that we have believed and counters it with […]

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