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Discovering and Growing in Emotional Health

Posted on 22 Sep 2016 in Christianity, Coaching, Leadership, Life, Life Purpose | Comments Off on Discovering and Growing in Emotional Health

Discovering our need for emotional health and emotional intelligence is cornerstone to a sustained leadership role. I remember the day I discovered this well. It was an early spring morning. The air was crisp, the birds were singing, and I was in tears. At an outdoor table, I sat with a trusted professor. He had […]

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The Heart of Integrity

Posted on 07 Jul 2016 in Christianity, Church, Coaching, Leadership, Life | Comments Off on The Heart of Integrity

John Maxwell is famous for his saying, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” It’s the belief that however leadership goes, so goes the followers, the organization, the business, or the group. If leadership is underhanded, sneaky, and corrupt, nothing will last. But if the leadership is open, accountable, humble, and honest, then greatness can be […]

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