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The Interconnected Web of Leadership Goals

Posted on 30 Dec 2015 in Coaching, Leadership | Comments Off on The Interconnected Web of Leadership Goals

I remember sitting in fifth grade science class and learning about the food chain. At the bottom are the lowly animals. They eat plants. They are eaten by slightly bigger animals above them. As we continue to move up the chain the bigger animals pick on the small ones. At the very top is the largest animal in that territory, and in most cases that was people.

That method of nature was taught in different classrooms for decades. Follow the chain and you can figure out how things work.

But somewhere along the line we realized that method just didn’t work. The world, and the balance of nature could be thrown off quite easily. We realized that the balance of nature is much more interconnected. It’s now viewed as a web. Every part is dependent on another for stability and growth.

Think Web Not Chain

Those small and seemingly insignificant creatures actually play a big part in helping everything run smoothly. One example is the microscopic organism plankton. It supports not just a large percentage of ocean life through the whales and other animals that eat it, it produces a large amount of the world’s oxygen. As global warming diminishes the number of plankton, we are not only losing ocean life, but our own source of oxygen. Mountain Scene

I love the web analogy for our leadership growth. Often, as we make resolutions or goals (whether new years or at any other time), we want to treat it as an isolated event or problem to be fixed. The problem, of course, is that it really isn’t like that.

Everything in our life is interconnected, just like a food web. We need the small parts of our personality and demeanor, just as much as we need the large and obvious parts. We also need to work on and experience growth in those small aspects as well.

  • The way we treat our children says as much about our leadership (and perhaps even more) than the way we lead our company.
  • The fight we got into with our spouse on Sunday night will affect our performance on Monday morning.
  • They way we eat, the hours of sleep we get, and our exercise habits will do more to determine the health and longevity of our leadership than another book or seminar.

We live our lives in the web of significant relationships, values, and opportunities. Any desired growth must first recognize the interconnectedness of our lives because our leadership suffers when we don’t.

If you’re setting goals this year, focus on holistic growth. Build your web. In coaching those with burnout, I coach them on the seven aspects of holistic health: calling/vocation as well spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational, and financial health. Create a plan in 2016 to experience more growth and lasting change by setting goals that honor each of these areas and build your web.


I’m posting everyday this week to help you make better 2016 goals. If you want to get caught up in the series: start here then read this.


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