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The Power of Group Belief

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The movie Spartacus takes a dramatic shift when the band of rebel slaves are captured. They’ve been a thorn in the side of the Roman Empire, but now face the penalty of death by crucifixion. That is, until the general of the conquering army stands up and declares to them a chance at life.

Here’s the scene:


That’s a powerful scene, and if you’ve seen the movie, captures you in the moment. Here these individuals are now a group. They have, in some very real sense, all become Spartacus.

They reveal to us the importance of team goals and vision.

1.) Everyone must buy in. If we want our goals to succeed, everyone has to buy in. If managers or executives are always trying to sell the company vision or direction, it means that people aren’t buying in. If this group of slaves hadn’t all bought into the same direction, their quest would have failed; instead, they all pursued the same goal and moved with purpose and direction.

In coaching, it’s similar. Everyone: the coachee, the coach, and the significant relationships around the coachee must all buy in. Changes have to be made, and will be made, but if everyone doesn’t pursue and support together, direction will be limited. I often tell others that in a boat, when everyone rows their own direction, the boat goes nowhere.

2.) Stand together. Spartacus was ready to accept his fate for the sake of others, but when he stood, so did the man next to him. Soon, everyone was standing. By standing together, they knew their fate.  Because they had all bought into the direction and purpose, they were all willing to proceed together. Win or lose, they knew what was needed: to stand together. Not only had they bought in to the good times, they bought into the bad times.

3.) Share values and results. The question might arise as to why they decided to stand together. It’s easy to buy into the good, but why the bad? Because more than a direction, they were all-in on mission and values. Vision is one level of agreement, values and identity are so much more.

When a group buys into the same value: who they are, who they want to be, and how they want to act, vision and direction become easy. Back to the rowing analogy. If we’re frustrated at not moving, it can be easy to get everyone to row in the same direction, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to go anywhere with of importance. If you can agree to get everyone to row to a specific spot, rowing in that direction is second nature.

In short: give them the why it’s important answer, and movement takes care of itself.

Corporate and group coaching helps identify the shared values present and provides the momentum to get people headed in the right direction. Individual coaching brings clarity and focus to key relationships and empowers change. If you’re interested in coaching for yourself, a group or an organization, contact me.

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