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Three Ways to Have a Thriving Marriage

Posted on 05 Nov 2015 in Coaching, Marriage Coaching | Comments Off on Three Ways to Have a Thriving Marriage

For many of us, the most profound relationship we will ever has is the one with our spouse.

They know our biggest dreams and our worst fears.

They’ve seen us at our best and at our worst.

They know we’re capable of changing the world…or destroying it.

Okay, so hopefully not the last part of the last sentence, but you get the idea. Spending significant time with someone, investing in them intentionally, sharing ideas, dreams, fears, and goals is part of what it takes to make the relationship work.

It can also be a huge source of frustration.

We can be the worst to the person that is the closest to us.

It’s an all too familiar story, and one that many can relate with. We hear of friends getting a divorce or having severe marital problems, and we didn’t even know that there was a problem. They always laughed together in public, but it was a facade to hide the pain inside. While in the walls of their own own home, they never communicated or shared meaningful time together.

Where did we go wrong?

We all want a thriving marriage.  Too often though, we fail to make that materialize. Kids, jobs, life transitions, aging parents, education, and a variety of other circumstances make it hard to carve out intentional time with our spouse.

The problem lies in our perception. We get married because we’ve spent time with this person and love them. We carve out time to date and experience life with them. But along the way, as life demands pile up, we stop doing so. We assume that because we were once close to them, we will always be close to them.We Just Grew Apart

The 2010 separation and divorce of Al and Tipper Gore is telling. Their official reason? “We’ve simply grown apart.”*

It’s heartbreaking to look back and see the diverging paths of struggle and heartache. Instead, with intentional decisions, you can have a marriage that is thriving. Your marriage can be a blessing to not only your family, but to others you are close with.

Changing direction

I’m a firm believer that creating intentional time doesn’t have to be difficult. I’m convinced that in as little as ten minutes a day, you can dramatically strengthen your marriage. In fact, I’d like to show you how. Fill out this contact form below, and I’ll send you my free ebook “Building a Marriage to Thrive.” In it, there are 3 ten minute exercises that can help strengthen your marriage.

I’ll even schedule a time to follow up and help coach you into an even stronger relationship.

Don’t look back and say, “We just grew apart.” Start growing closer intentionally, and start today. Use your marriage as a platform for encouraging others. Sign up now to get my free ebook and a special coaching offer:


*Source: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/beyondblue/2010/08/tipper-and-al-gore-why-divorce.html

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