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Why Avoiding Goals is Really Bad For You

Posted on 31 Dec 2015 in Coaching, Goals, Leadership | Comments Off on Why Avoiding Goals is Really Bad For You

It’s New Year’s Eve. The Christmas wrapping is all cleaned up and the busy holiday season is almost over.

Now it’s time to look forward to 2016.

What are your hopes:

  • For your family?
  • For your career?
  • In finding your passion?
How do you want to grow?
  • In your relationship with your significant other?
  • As a parent?
  • In leading those around you?
How would you know if 2016 is a success?
  • A promotion?
  • More time off?
  • Fulfilling a long desired dream?

Too often, we get caught in the tension that is the New Years Resolution phenomenon. We either make goals (and all to often fail) or know that we will fail and then avoid making goals.

But neither is really what we want. We want growth, we want change, and we want success.

We just need to learn to go about it the right way.

Setting goals is necessary, we just need to do it the right way.

If fact, not setting goals, is really dangerous.

Why Avoiding Goals is Really Bad for you

I’d encourage you to set goals for 2016. It’s really important. Without goals, it’s easy to go adrift. Without goals, we never really know where we are headed. Without knowing what we are aiming at, we never know what to say “yes” and “no” to.

If you want to know why you should the right kind of goals, here are three reasons it’s vitally important.

Clock and Plant1.) No goals means no growth. Without something to push us forward, we stop growing. When we fail to set goals, we fail to acknowledge our innate need as humans to experience growth. The smart response to past failed New Years resolutions isn’t avoiding them, it’s making them smarter and better.

2.) No goals means no hope. The reality is that goals do more than give us growth, they give us hope. Setting smart goals lets us know that this isn’t the end. Whatever your current situation that needs to change, isn’t the final word. Setting smart goals, and creating a plan to get us there, provides hope. It gives direction, movement, and purpose.

3.) No goals means no purpose. The lack of goals keeps us from growing, diminishes our hope, and eliminates our purpose. Without goals, we fail to acknowledge the piece inside of us that longs to make a difference in the world. We all carry with us the desire to serve others and better humanity. Goals help us know how to get there. They are the signposts along the way that we are having influence and leaving an impact.

I’m posting all week leading up to 2016 in an attempt to help you set better goals and actually reach them in the New Year.

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